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CF Optimizer Helps You To Increase Your Bottom Line By Removing ALL The Guesswork And Making Data Driven Decisions!

The #1 main reason why people don’t make money with their funnels is they have no idea about their numbers, and what to do to get a better return on investment. They guess their way through it. We’ll help you to remove the guesswork, and optimize your funnel without having to keep pouring more money into traffic and ads.

We do this through the following activities:

• Map the whole funnel onto a canvas
• Setup & analyze conversion tracking
• Gather valuable customer feedback
• Analyze heatmap and clickmap data and user recordings.
• Measure video views and scroll depth
• A/B split test various hypotheses
• Provide detailed reports on results
• Provide ongoing consultation & feedback

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If you’re using ClickFunnels and want to be able to see exactly how your funnel is performing, and experience better conversion rates over time… then you’ve come to the right place.

We specialize ONLY in the ClickFunnels platform and use Funnelytics and HotJar to get a clear picture of how your funnel is performing… and what are potential opportunities to test with the sole goal of increasing your bottom line. Unlike most other agencies that are one-stop shop and provide a smogasboard of services… we like to be the best at what we do… and therefore we only focus on optimizing funnels built in ClickFunnels.

The whole point of what we do is use data to make decisions, instead of relying on guesswork or hope… like most marketers do. If you’re serious about achieving maximum performance on your funnels, hope and guesswork are not the answer.

The problem for most business owners is they have no idea how to track everything properly, and get clear visibility over what is working, and what isn’t. The tech side of tracking can be very complicated and confusing for the average person. And without knowing your numbers, it’s impossible to make informed decisions on what needs to be removed, and what needs to be tweaked or tested.

Just like personal finances, you MUST know your exact position by measuring everything properly to get a clear picture of where you are at. Once we have visibility of your current situation and have got a clear understanding of your target market… we can then make informed decisions based on the data… and aim for continuous exponential improvement. All this without having to fork out more money for traffic.

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