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Company Bio

  • We work with you to become experts in your business.
    This helps us to create your unique Funnel Strategy with tasks and timelines.
  • We Build every aspect of your funnel for you.
    From concept to design, to copy and content. Including auto responder campaigns, lead magnets and follow up campaigns through to traffic and tracking.
  • From Launch we may find success straight away but sometimes it takes little tweaks and split testing to really see increased conversions and ROI.

Polly LOVES ❤️❤️… Building Funnels…..

We will work out what is the best type of funnel strategy for your business objectives.
  •  Sales Funnels
  •  Application Funnels
  •  Webinar Funnels
  • ​Lead Magnet Funnels
  • ​Survey Funnels
  • ​Membership Funnels
  • ​So many types of funnels to choose from…….

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Personal Bio

About Polly – 

Why Clever Clarity?

Polly has been in business since 2008, she founded an inflatable company which turned into a UK factory which specialised in Inflatable Race Arches.

Polly set out on a marketing missions back in 2012 when she knew she had to step up her game to get noticed by the big players!

And she grew her company online that made people think her business was far far larger than it actually was and it was all down to her simple Marketing Techniques and systems that she put in place.

Polly knows the secret to achieving these with her systems.

Polly now wants to help other business owners achieve great heights with her knowledge – creating dynamic Sales Funnels to work 24/7!

If you know Polly she always like to think outside the box!!

Over the last few years Polly has honed down her digital marketing skills even further and learnt all about the world of Funnels.

Shes knows the real life struggles for business owners:

  • Finding the time to actually find an outsource marketing partner who KNOWS what they are doing and can execute what they say…..
  • Finding the time to work on the business instead of in the business…..
  • Finding the time to work on social media plans……..
  • Finding the time to plan and execute marketing strategies……
  • Finding the time to keep an eye on the competition….

She is now ready to implement her skills and help other business owners who just don’t have the time to learn how to Create Successful Funnel Strategies..

pollypowell funnel hacker

Marketing Specialties

Analytics & Tracking
Email Marketing
Funnel Design & Architecture
Funnel Optimization
Graphic Design
Marketing Automation
Marketing Strategy
Systems & Operations Analysis



Industry Expertise

Brick & Mortar
Coaches & Consultants
Fitness & Wellness
Professional Services
Online Courses