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Company Bio

Fix That Funnel was years in the making with the owner getting into the digital marketing sphere in 2004. From web design to paid advertising campaigns, first with Google Ads and later Facebook Advertising.

As digital marketing rapidly evolved, so did we. Popping an ad on the net isn’t getting you far anymore and a comprehensive online marketing strategy needs a whole funnel that includes remarketing, email follow-ups to nurture leads and drive sales. Funnels are now an absolute necessity to stand out and be successful.

With a proven success formula, Fix That Funnel will bring you lasting results and transform your business! You are only one strategy call away from finding out…

Fix that Funnel is part of DWT Digital Marketing Co. Ltd.

Personal Bio

As a business owner or coach you want to get more clients and sales, without having to spend hours online. You’ve done some courses, downloaded some funnel building software, believed all the “How easy it is”, but something doesn’t click.

All the money and time invested isn’t paying off, if this sounds familiar…please continue reading.

Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • Why does it seem so easy for others to get results?
  • I have bought the “proven” software, the funnel that can’t fail, but still…
  • How can I get on return on what I put in?
  • How can I stay up to date in this ever changing digital era?
  • How can I free up time to spend with my family without hurting my business?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions above, then we should talk.

->We help businesses improve their funnels so they don’t need to worry anymore.

->We fix funnels for businesses and coaches and optimize them to get maximum results.

->We help businesses that are frustrated with Facebook Ads and want a simple solution that improves sales and leads.

->We work with businesses and coaches and help them avoid failure and get results faster through our Profitable Funnel System.

If you can relate, then we should connect because we can help.

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Marketing Specialties

Analytics & Tracking
Email Marketing
Funnel Design & Architecture
Funnel Optimization
Graphic Design
Marketing Automation
Marketing Strategy
Paid Traffic
Systems & Operations Analysis



Industry Expertise

Brick & Mortar
Coaches & Consultants
Fitness & Wellness
Online Courses