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Company Bio

“Here at Legacy Catalyst, we value Relationships,

“Closing a sale is just that, the beginning of a new relationship”

We believe that Marketing your Movement leads your clients toward their success…
… Nurturing Messengers of your mission! 

We know that coming up with a marketing strategy that feels authentic and relational can be incredibly tough and time-consuming. Our team started with just that in mind –

“How can we help everyday Coaches & Consultants authentically connect with new prospects, clients and patients to grow their 7 figure small, through marketing automation.
… All without that massive pricetag?”

That’s why I developed the LISTEN Funnel Framework. To align the mission to your marketing message and truly connect with your tribe and…

… Market Your Movement!

Starting in 2015, I began building email marketing through sales funnels…
… This eventually led to Facebook ads, growing a team, and developing Legacy Catalyst!

Our main focus is making sure that clients grow a movement of change… and that they’re getting value from our services.
Because “Marketing without a movement is just empty words”

Personal Bio

When Duane’z not lost in a Legoland fairy tale with his 2 beloved daughters, he is likely to be found geeking out crafting relationship-based marketing funnels with the LISTEN funnel framework.

He loves tech so you don’t have to! Helping consultants and coaches find their dream clients & book appointments!

Download Your Copy of the LISTEN Funnel Framework Here!

You can catch Duane hosting the “Marketing Your Movement Show” over on your favorite podcast player!

The best place to connect with Duane is on Instagram:
Send me a DM @duanezingale

Market Your Movement Cover 1920x1080

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