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CNV Creative is a dynamic team of Conversion Marketing Specialists. Our team combines expert strategy with automated sales + marketing solutions that generate revenue on auto-pilot. Because of our expert and reliable team, we can build you a customized and fully optimized sales funnels from A to Z.

CNV Creative is a husband and wife team. Nick Volinchak, MBA and Crystal Volinchak, MBA have worked with powerhouse clients across the country, including Daymond John and Third Way Man to develop online sales and marketing systems.

We knew that before leaving our 9to5s, we needed to find a way to end the feast and famine that running a B2B business often brings. So we built an automated system to generate predictable sales and give us back the time to start focusing on our vision. The system changed our life and today we only focus on sharing this “Complete B2B Lead Generation System” with other founders who need to take back the control in their business and scale with the predictability that ONLY sales can bring.

After we build your funnel, we set up sales and marketing automation so that your leads are nurtured and constantly moving through your pipeline while you… sleep, workout or travel with your family. Whatever it is that you’d rather be doing, our customized system gives you the freedom to do it.

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  • Planning and Consultation
  • Developing converting lead magnets
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel Building
  • Expert Copywriting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Split-testing
  • Optimization

Personal Bio

Many Great B2B Businesses Fail…because they have not developed a predictable way to generate leads and sales. We work with our clients to craft Conversion Funnels to automatically generate new customers for your business.

About Crystal:

Hi! I’m Crystal and I specialize in email marketing, copywriting, automation, funnel design and architecture and optimization. I am proud to be a featured interviewee in Daymond John’s latest book, Powershift for my work as both a Virtual Assistant and Digital Manager for Daymond.  As the founder of CNV Creative 👩🏼‍💻, helping clients realize the power of online sales systems is my happy place. I also like to spend time with my husband and our son, Primo. You can find me on Instagram and Linkedin talking about leading virtual teams 💪, developing a healthy work/life balance 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, conversion marketing, the work-from-home life and owning a business. I’d love to connect!

About Nick:

Crystal and I are very different – and that makes us a perfect team for you because we have complementary skills to provide a well-rounded perspective to the clients we work with. Crystal understands how email marketing needs to be crafted to exceed your business goals and her copywriting is amazing, while I am more of a big-picture creative type who can structure the start to finish of your product lifecycle.

I have been running businesses since I was 8. I :

  • Sold kool-aid in my neighborhood when construction crews were building new homes when I was 8
  • Started selling and trading on eBay since I was 15 (when NO ONE knew about eBay)
  • Was homeless at 21
  • Ran a professional wrestling company at 22
  • Ran a fantasy sports content website that was incubated by the world’s #1 university-affiliated business incubator at 28
  • Graduated with my MBA when I was 33

Now, I have worked with companies in a dozen+ industries. I have enjoyed every second of the successes and learned from the failures – and boy has there been a lot. They have provided ample learning experiences and made me a more well-rounded business owner. I am an extremely goal-oriented person, can tell a killer story, and have strong leadership qualities, with a focus on running high function teams.

CNV Creative Funnelytics Certified

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