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What we do

We help business owners eliminate the confusion and perceived risk of funnel marketing by focusing on Step 1 of the process – Funnel Design using our unique BaMM methodology.

Simply put:

A BaMM gets you as close as possible to the optimum funnel design before you even start building it.

That way you minimize the time and cost of optimization and you maximize your opportunities for scaling.

Basically, we transmute your funnel confusion into funnel confidence!

How we do it – the SIX components of a BaMM

[BaMM – Blueprint and Map+Model ]


Our method for deriving powerful proposition statements for each of your audiences, based on a deep understanding of their inner world.


Detailed documentation of your current business setup, systems and performance.


An in-depth look at your successful competitors and their funnels to fully understand all components of their success


Using Funnelytics – create a detailed, visual map of what YOUR funnel should be – including all traffic sources, all pages, all interactions and outlines of all email sequences


Quantifying what success looks like for your business, including: KPIs, traffic volumes, traffic costs, optin rates, conversion rates and sales rates – and modelling everything on your Funnelytics Map


Run initial ads to test which audiences / propositions in 5WProps perform best – potentially saving a lot of testing and re-building during the Optimize and Build phases.

Our History

As I mentioned in my personal bio, I formed the company in late 2019.

The fact is, Funnls.io and the core Funnel BaMM service simply could NOT have existed before there was Funnelytics – even though it goes a long way beyond simply using that product.

Who We Are

Primarily me – Alex Goodall (see my personal bio).

I know – and am very good at – a lot of digital marketing stuff. But I also know what I’m not good at.

So as needed, I draw on my extensive sources of skilled experts that I have developed over the years to supplement my own effort and knowledge and expertise.

My goal is always to deliver excellence.

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Personal Bio

I started Funnls.io in late 2019 to focus on Funnel Marketing, based around Funnelytics.

In past lives, I founded and ran a 22-person AI Software company (decades ago, before AI met Big Data and begat Success), published and edited a newsletter on advanced technologies (distributed in paper form !), and was a Project Manager and the Principle Knowledge Management consultant for a multi-national IT Services company.

More ‘recently’ (since 2006) I’ve been involved in internet/digital marketing. I created and sold my own products, had a mentoring program, did affiliate marketing and undertook a little client work.

Then, in late 2019, I came across the Funnelytics platform – and things changed!

It quickly became obvious to me that this was a game-changing product. I signed up for a PRO account, took the training and became Certified.

The momentum of that enthusiasm led me to decide to switch from my previous activities and to form a digital marketing agency focusing on funnels. With Funnelytics at its core.

And that is the story behind my new (December 2019) agency – Funnls.io!

Marketing Specialties

Analytics & Tracking
Email Marketing
Funnel Design & Architecture
Funnel Optimization
Marketing Automation



Industry Expertise

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