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Polly Powell

About Polly - 

Why Clever Clarity?

Polly has been in business since 2008, she founded an inflatable company which turned into a UK factory which specialised in Inflatable Race Arches. Polly set out on a marketing missions back in 2012 when she knew she had to step up her game to get noticed by the big players! And she grew her company online that made people think her business was far far larger than it actually was and it was all down to her simple Marketing Techniques and systems that she put in place. Polly knows the secret to achieving these with her systems. Polly now wants to help other business owners achieve great heights with her knowledge - creating dynamic Sales Funnels to work 24/7! If you know Polly she always like to think outside the box!! Over the last few years Polly has honed down her digital marketing skills even further and learnt all about the world of Funnels. Shes knows the real life struggles for business owners:
  • Finding the time to actually find an outsource marketing partner who KNOWS what they are doing and can execute what they say.....
  • Finding the time to work on the business instead of in the business.....
  • Finding the time to work on social media plans........
  • Finding the time to plan and execute marketing strategies......
  • Finding the time to keep an eye on the competition....
She is now ready to implement her skills and help other business owners who just don't have the time to learn how to Create Successful Funnel Strategies..

Crystal Volinchak
Many Great B2B Businesses Fail...because they have not developed a predictable way to generate leads and sales. We work with our clients to craft Conversion Funnels to automatically generate new customers for your business. About Crystal: Hi! I'm Crystal and I specialize in email marketing, copywriting, automation, funnel design and architecture and optimization. I am proud to be a featured interviewee in Daymond John's latest book, Powershift for my work as both a Virtual Assistant and Digital Manager for Daymond.  As the founder of CNV Creative 👩🏼‍💻, helping clients realize the power of online sales systems is my happy place. I also like to spend time with my husband and our son, Primo. You can find me on Instagram and Linkedin talking about leading virtual teams 💪, developing a healthy work/life balance 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, conversion marketing, the work-from-home life and owning a business. I'd love to connect! About Nick: Crystal and I are very different - and that makes us a perfect team for you because we have complementary skills to provide a well-rounded perspective to the clients we work with. Crystal understands how email marketing needs to be crafted to exceed your business goals and her copywriting is amazing, while I am more of a big-picture creative type who can structure the start to finish of your product lifecycle. I have been running businesses since I was 8. I :
  • Sold kool-aid in my neighborhood when construction crews were building new homes when I was 8
  • Started selling and trading on eBay since I was 15 (when NO ONE knew about eBay)
  • Was homeless at 21
  • Ran a professional wrestling company at 22
  • Ran a fantasy sports content website that was incubated by the world's #1 university-affiliated business incubator at 28
  • Graduated with my MBA when I was 33
Now, I have worked with companies in a dozen+ industries. I have enjoyed every second of the successes and learned from the failures – and boy has there been a lot. They have provided ample learning experiences and made me a more well-rounded business owner. I am an extremely goal-oriented person, can tell a killer story, and have strong leadership qualities, with a focus on running high function teams.

Koen De Wit
As an Ecom business  or a webpreneur, you want to get more clients and sales, without having to spend hours online. You've done courses, downloaded software, believed all the "How easy it is", but something doesn't click. It isn't paying off. Are you asking yourself:
  • Why does it seem so easy for others to get results, but not for me?
  • I have bought the “proven” software, the funnel that can’t fail, but my results are missing?
  • How can I get a return on what I've put in?
  • How can I stay up to date in this ever changing digital era?
  • How can I free up time to spend with my family without hurting my business?
If you have asked yourself any of these questions above, then we should talk. ->We help businesses improve their funnels so they need not to worry anymore. ->We fix funnels for webpreneurs and optimize them to get maximum results. ->We help businesses frustrated with Facebook Ads and offer a simple yet effective 'done-for-you' solution. ->We get results faster through our Profitable Funnel System. Connect with us! We can help.
Jabinga! Ad Agency

Jim Thies

Jabinga! is a US-based targeted digital marketing agency. Contact us for irresistible sales funnels, masterful Facebook ads, seamless Zapier web service automation, and much more!   With a background in computer engineering, our founder, Jim, has never stopped helping people.  When he’s not writing new code to get a program to be responsive to a creative initiative, or thinking up dozens of ways to help a client launch a new product, Jim can be found giving his time to entrepreneurs, helping them create sale avenues they never knew existed.   Jabinga! was established in 2018 in the heart of Minnesota. We are a non-traditional company with our employees spanning two generations; this is our strength. Our roots started in copywriting services and expanded to digital marketing, realizing that we could use technology to increase benefits for our clients on a greater scale in the digital world. We provide targeted digital marketing that gets results. Let us manage your social media channels too! Contact us today!
Dani Tomas - Teacher Profesor
Dani Tomas - Funnel Expert

Daniel Tomas

I help Entrepreneurs Scale their online businesses using Sales Funnels

Started my first Digital Marketing Agency in 2015. Passionate for the attraction and conversion side of marketing. Deep Focus in creating unique Offers and Sales Funnels to convert.

John Ainsworth
Do you sell online courses? Do you have good website traffic, a good email list and great online courses, but not enough sales? If so then we're here to help you. John  helps online course creators like you to dramatically increase sales to your existing visitors and leads.
Arvin Poole is mapping a funnel
Arvin Poole

Arvin Poole
Arvin Poole, founder and managing director, is an entrepreneur, marketing tech expert, public speaker and author with a craving passion for creating customer-centric digital solutions that drives revenue for his clients. Arvin has founded and managed B2B/B2C businesses across software, healthcare, education, consumer goods and non-profit. In addition to Arvin’s full time focus in digital marketing, he is a digital marketing instructor at University of Texas in Austin; serves on the Boards for Day With Daddy, a Texas nonprofit advocacy for single and divorced fathers; Quantum Reach, a technology consultancy focusing on startup growth; and the Austin Alumni Chapter of University of Alabama.

Duane Zingale
When Duane'z not lost in a Legoland fairy tale with his 2 beloved daughters, he is likely to be found geeking out crafting relationship-based marketing funnels with the LISTEN funnel framework. He loves tech so you don’t have to! Helping consultants and coaches find their dream clients & book appointments! Download Your Copy of the LISTEN Funnel Framework Here! You can catch Duane hosting the "Marketing Your Movement Show" over on your favorite podcast player! The best place to connect with Duane is on Instagram: Send me a DM @duanezingale

Steve Grady
We are Funnelytics gurus currently helping tech, software and manufacturing companies create full lead pipelines and dependable sales revenue forecasts using Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies, Innovative Business Models, New Product Launches, and Lead Generation Funnels.  Steve Grady is an expert at creating custom, high impact marketing and sales programs that drive increased revenues for every client. Review my LinkedIn profile and let's Connect -

Srinivasan Rangarajan
I was a programmer who began focussing on marketing for my own products and soon started working with other startups and businesses. I have worked with different companies in various niches like eCommerce, B2C apps, Schools & Educational Institutions, Coaching and more.    
ShoutCloud Studios
Josen Ruiseco

Josen Ruiseco
Josen Ruiseco is a business leader, an internet marketer, and a web developer of more than 20 years. He builds high-converting, sophisticated sales and marketing funnels that help businesses get more leads, grow their sales, and accomplish other vital business objectives. The work of him and his team is thorough, effective, on-time, and they provide exceptional customer service and support... the kind of support you would tell your mother about. Contact ShoutCloud Studios today for a free consultation and learn how together you can create a funnel system designed to capture leads and generate revenue for your business.

Alex Goodall
I started in late 2019 to focus on Funnel Marketing, based around Funnelytics. In past lives, I founded and ran a 22-person AI Software company (decades ago, before AI met Big Data and begat Success), published and edited a newsletter on advanced technologies (distributed in paper form !), and was a Project Manager and the Principle Knowledge Management consultant for a multi-national IT Services company. More 'recently' (since 2006) I've been involved in internet/digital marketing. I created and sold my own products, had a mentoring program, did affiliate marketing and undertook a little client work. Then, in late 2019, I came across the Funnelytics platform - and things changed! It quickly became obvious to me that this was a game-changing product. I signed up for a PRO account, took the training and became Certified. The momentum of that enthusiasm led me to decide to switch from my previous activities and to form a digital marketing agency focusing on funnels. With Funnelytics at its core. And that is the story behind my new (December 2019) agency -!

Scott Dudley
If you're using ClickFunnels and want to be able to see exactly how your funnel is performing, and experience better conversion rates over time... then you've come to the right place. We specialize ONLY in the ClickFunnels platform and use Funnelytics and HotJar to get a clear picture of how your funnel is performing... and what are potential opportunities to test with the sole goal of increasing your bottom line. Unlike most other agencies that are one-stop shop and provide a smogasboard of services... we like to be the best at what we do... and therefore we only focus on optimizing funnels built in ClickFunnels. The whole point of what we do is use data to make decisions, instead of relying on guesswork or hope... like most marketers do. If you're serious about achieving maximum performance on your funnels, hope and guesswork are not the answer. The problem for most business owners is they have no idea how to track everything properly, and get clear visibility over what is working, and what isn't. The tech side of tracking can be very complicated and confusing for the average person. And without knowing your numbers, it's impossible to make informed decisions on what needs to be removed, and what needs to be tweaked or tested. Just like personal finances, you MUST know your exact position by measuring everything properly to get a clear picture of where you are at. Once we have visibility of your current situation and have got a clear understanding of your target market... we can then make informed decisions based on the data... and aim for continuous exponential improvement. All this without having to fork out more money for traffic. For a free strategy session please contact me to discuss what you need =>

Jeff Greco
I am an entrepreneur, teacher, coder, and digital marketing professional. 15+ years in web development, data & integrations, business-ownership experience. Appeared on Dragon’s Den (Canada’s Shark Tank) in 2018 to promote a client’s product and have myself an unforgettable experience!

Ben Moote
I'd be delighted to learn more about you and help your business grow! Please see what I do form day-to-day below!   Work Examples & Testimonials: YouTube Channel: Hack That Funnel Radio Website: Podcast:   Let's Chat!

Damien Plutino

ERO CORP enables French and english speaking webentrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to find new customers using Funnels.

Former Business engineer and business developer, i discovered that marketing automation and funnels combo is the best way to gain time and scale my startups, 5 years ago. I invested massively in trainings in France or abroad (USA, Canada) with the aim to become the reference in funnel creation / optimization on the french market. In early 2018, i eard about Funnelytics and joined as it was the last brick missing to do it quickly and scientifically. Since then, we, at least, tripled our customers activity (some had 16X time more sales!) ------- En 2017, j'ai créé EROCorp pour générer de l'hypercroissance aux infopreneurs, web entrepreneurs, coaches et consultants en utilisant des tunnels de ventes automatisés. Ancien ingénieur d'affaires et serial entrepreneurs, j'ai découvert que le combo tunnel / marketing automation est l'outil pour générer cette croissance pour mes startups il y a 5 ans. Depuis, j'ai investi massivement en France ou à l'étranger pour devenir une référence sur le marché français. En 2018, j'ai pris connaissance du projet Funnelytics que j'ai rejoint dans la foulée car c'était la brique manquante pour générer une croissance ultra rapide et prédictible. En 2019, nous avons accompagné nos clients dans leur croissance avec des résultats plutot sympas (entre 3 et 16 fois plus de vente !)

Gavin Reddrop
Gavin specialises in helping build and grow Australian businesses using digital marketing to help boost their online branding through captivating websites and automated sales funnels. As a digital business growth specialist and Funnelytics Certified Professional, Gavin has extensive experience in being able to guide businesses along their path to digital success. He is the founder of digital marketing and website design agency Reddrop Media through which he has been able to help hundreds of businesses grow and succeed. Gavin is now offering individual 1 to 1 funnel strategy and business growth coaching to a very small selection of exclusive clients.
To The Point Digital Productions - Premium Funnel Agency
Profile picture Kevin Beeftink

Kevin Beeftink
With my first website at age 16, digital has always been my passion. Through hands-on sales and marketing experience in the broadest sense, I came to realise that funnel marketing is the epitome of predictable marketing models. I did it all, social ads, Google ads, development, design and consulting. Now, I run a team of 10 specialists dedicated to beautiful, effective funnel and platform launches and campaign management. Running two six figure agencies for the M market in SMB, I find it amazing to blend both the expertises of digital marketing and digital development together. As an entrepreneur for 8 years, I find that creating, developing and marketing my clients’ propositions has been one of the most rewarding paths I’ve been on in my career. Apart from of course being a parent to four beautiful kids together with my partner, which I believe has been as valuable for me and my business life as the professional experience I’ve built in this industry for over 16 years. I’m that commercial tech dude, that likes to balance out beautiful webdesigns with crunching analytics and tweaking audiences for our clients.